About Us

Earth Science Tech (ETST)

ETST is a unique Science based Biotechnology company that brings Nature’s Pharmacy to the public.

Earth Science Tech is an innovative biotech company that operates in the fields of hemp derived cannabinoids, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, research and development.

ETST offers the highest quality and, purity of Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp Oil with naturally occurring Cannabinoids on the market. Formulated using superior supercritical CO2 cold liquid extraction, our cannabinoids are kept at the rawest state maintaining all therapeutic properties. Our research, performed alongside the University of Central Oklahoma, DV Biologics laboratory, and other organizations, as well as being suggested in The Institute for Natural Healing’s (INH) Delta 8 Article has demonstrate that we are the top nutritional and dietary supplement brand in the Industrial Hemp space.

ETST’s High Grade Hemp Cannabinoids is a full spectrum extract, not synthetic nor an isolate. It contains a variety of valuable phyto-nutrients, synergistic cannabinoids, essential oils and other naturally occurring compounds found in the original plant.

ETST Products

ETST products include one or more hemp-derived Cannabinoids including but not limited to CBD (Cannabidiol), a natural constituent of Hemp Oil. Cannabinoids and (Cannabidiol/CBD) are natural constituents of the Hemp plant and Cannabinooids is derived from Hemp stalk and stem. Hemp oil is a well-known dietary supplement and the naturally occurring CBD and presents a continuing stream of overwhelming evidence of significant Health and Wellness benefits. CBD (cannabidiol) promotes and supports the nutritional health of aging bodies in particular. Source: US Government Patent #6,630,507 “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

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