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Earth Science Tech, Inc. (ETST) Announces Cancellation of 18,000,000 Common and 5,200,000 Preferred Shares, Updating the Outstanding Shares to 36,384,394 from 53,902,354

 Earth Science Tech Inc. (OTCQB: ETST) (“ETST” or the “Company”), an innovative biotech company focused on the cannabidiol (CBD), nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields, medical devices, and research and development, today announces it has canceled 18,000,000 common shares along with 5,200,000 Series A Preferred shares through a confidential settlement with Majorca LTD, the majority shareholder. The Company now has zero preferred shares outstanding and 36,384,394 common shares outstanding which is down from 53,902,354.

ETST’s President, Director and Chairman Nickolas S. Tabraue stated, “We are extremely pleased to have reached a settlement with Majorca, LTD and the value it adds for our shareholders is immediately recognized and meaningful.”