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ETST is starting the new year with a revamped CBD product packaging and marketing.

The ETST marketing team is always looking to keep our product marketing fresh and relevant in the current CBD market. Our team recently announced that it will steer the company’s branding in a new direction. Instead of labeling and marketing its products as, “High-Grade Hemp CBD Oil,” the company will start branding and marketing its products as, “High Grade Full Spectrum Cannabinoids,” in the beginning of 2018.

Our design team also has worked on new packaging designs for our line of products. The new designs kept the familiar blue and white color schemes but cleaned up the layout and added some detailed splash elements and icons to bring the design together.

See the designs below



ETST’s Chief Marketing Officer commented, “We did a lot of market research to see what the best angle to truly stand out in the growing CBD industry is through our accounts, representative feedback, and external brand analysis. I feel that marketing, HHigh-GradeFull Spectrum Cannabinoids’ will help ETST truly stand out. Soon, the market will be able to see that ETST is a true full spectrum CBD brand, especially with the cannabinoid complex listing under the supplement facts.”