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Hygee™ is almost here!

All of us at Earth Science Tech are really excited following the announcement that  Hygee, our first medical device product, is going to have its first commercial production run. We’re only making 5,000 Hygee to start because it’s a full-production test of our manufacturing system, but we’re all pretty confident that things will go fine. We expect to launch Hygee in March, in Vietnam first. It takes a lot of time and paperwork to get a medical device certified in the US and Canada, so our first markets will be in Asia and South America.

What is Hygee?
In case you don’t know, Hygee is a new kind of tool to help women find out if they are infected with Chlamydia, a very serious Sexually Transmitted Infection, or STI, that can have very bad effects on infected women and their babies. The thing is, Chlamydia is easy to cure with antibiotics. What’s hard is getting women tested so they know that they have it. That’s what Hygee does. Hygee makes it very simple for a woman to get tested for Chlamydia (and Gonorrhea soon); quietly, privately, without even the family doctor knowing. If she is infected, she will have to tell a doctor to get treated, but not until then.


Basically, Hygee looks like a very thin menstrual pad, just like the pads that millions of women wear when they have their period; but it’s not a menstrual pad and it can’t be used during menstruation. The kit will be available online or in pharmacies. When a woman wears the Hygee pad for at least four hours (you can wear it all day if you want) the pad collects a cervical cell sample and holds it safely in suspension. Then, she puts the pad in the envelope that comes in the kit, tears the information tab off the envelope, and drops it in the mail. It goes directly to our lab where the actual testing is done. A few days later, all she has to do is either go online or phone the lab. There’s a number on the information tab that she will need to get her results. That’s it. No visit to the doctor, no vaginal swab, no clinic, nobody knows.

Why is all this so important?

It’s important because not only is the disease easily transmitted to sexual partners through unprotected sex, women who are infected and don’t get treatment can have serious heath complications, up to and including sterility! Plus, if a woman is pregnant, Chlamydia is major cause of infants being born blind, or stillborn. We’re not kidding here, this is a serious disease that affects women more than men.

The World Health Organization recommends that all sexually active women aged 15 to 25 years old get tested yearly for Chlamydia. There are more than 130 million new Chlamydia cases yearly, and Hygee is dedicated to helping control the silent Chlamydia epidemic. (We’re going after Gonorrhoea next, but that’s not ready yet.)

So yes, we’re really excited to see the first batch roll off the production line. The whole team believed in the success of Hygee from Day One, and we all feel that we’re not just a business selling a product, we’re doing everything we can to protect women and their future babies from the terrible, adverse effects of chlamydia and other STIs.”

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