Silver Ion Barrier Face Mask


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Silver Ion Barrier Face Mask is made out of textile known for their:


It is made of nylon fabric specially coated with a patent pending 99.9% pure silver.
  • One Size Fits All
  • Physical Barrier
  • Chemical Barrier
  • Amplified Activation
  • Antimicrobial
  • Reduced Risk
  • Reusable/Washable

The transmission of infectious viral particles is inhibited in 2 ways by the silver ion barrier face mask: 

1. The silver ion barrier face mask worn correctly over the mouth and nose creates a physical barrier between the wearer and nearby people and against pathogens in the immediate environment; 

2. The silver ion face mask creates a chemical barrier through the action of 99.9% pure silver ions (Ag+) capable of neutralizing pathogens within contact

It has been scientifically demonstrated that fabric coated with pure silver in a homogenous manner over the entire textile provides the desired antiviral and anti-fungal effects to neutralize various pathogenic agents. 

The activity of the silver ions is continuous. The humidity from the user’s breath further enhances the activity of the silver ions and the antimicrobial properties of the mask. This is a key differentiating element of the 99.9% pure silver ion barrier face mask. 

Silver Ion Barrier Face Mask
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