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ETST Commences Clinical Trials to Fight U.S. Opioid Epidemic

Doral, FL, Nov. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Earth Science Tech (OTC PINK: ETST) (“ETST” or “the Company”), an innovative biotech company that operates in the fields of hemp cannabinoid (CBD), nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, medical device, research and development, commences pre-launch human trials on new CBD formula to fight against the U.S. opioid epidemic under ETST’s new, recently announced advisory board team.

ETST’s current CBD oil products have shown great success against addiction, based on feedback from customers, distributors, and doctors. ETST’s recently announced board of advisors have recommended undertaking a human clinical trial with the newly developed CBD formula, given all the positive effects it has shown with current customers. Each advisory board member has agreed to provide their resources, and has had patients volunteer to come forward for study in a double-blind clinical trial of the CBD formula that ETST will provide. The first trial study will be conducted for a total of nine months, and a white paper will be issued at the conclusion of the study. The document will be published through ETST and used for patent application, if the formula is proven to be beneficial in the human trials. Pending success, the new formula would be released in 2019.

ETST’s new CBD formula is based on industrial hemp CBD oil, mixed with a well-known natural ingredient, which has been proven to help increase dopamine levels. This newly developed formula is expected to decrease cravings and the negative effects of withdrawal in addicts.

Gabriel Aviles, ETST’s Chief Sales Officer & Director states, “I’ve received extensive positive feedback on our oil and it’s a privilege to have been engaged by such amazing, passionate professionals within the field. This formula is something that I have known about and been wanting to study further for some time. Thanks to ETST and its advisory board members, I am confident that our new formula can prove to be a way to aid and relieve symptoms suffered in our current opioid epidemic. Not only will our potential patent-pending CBD formula help many addicts, it’ll give us a niche in the CBD space, alongside our other three patent pending products that we plan to launch soon.”

Dr. Michel Aube, ETST’s CEO & Chief Science Officer, adds, “I am very impressed with the formula that came from Gabriel’s idea, and look forward to seeing the results of our new study. We are currently in the process of finalizing our current CBD patents and look forward to launching in 2018. The new CBD formula currently being studied by our advisory board will keep us innovative and continue to allow us to offer specialized natural CBD based remedies. Moreover, we will push this idea further by creating an improved generic pharmaceutical drug.”

“I am honored to have such an amazing team of individuals sharing the same passion, added Nickolas S. Tabraue, President, Director, & COO of ETST. “We have worked very hard, and jumped over many hurdles, throughout 2017 to end the year very strong and positioned towards a turning point year for ETST.” “We greatly appreciate all our supportive shareholders, and I look forward to sharing many more exciting updates as we progress.”


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